SQUEEZEBOX featuring Ted Lange & Mollie B have become one of the most popular and well known bands specializing in live dance music and entertaining stage shows.  Currently based in NW Ohio, their performances include multiple genres of music including polkas, waltzes, fox-trots, 2-steps, big band, swing, square dances, and figure dances.  With a repertoire of over 600 songs, and solid vocals in English, Polish, German and Czech, Squeezebox is able to play "something for everyone", and easily adapts to any venue, ranging from town festivals, polka festivals, ethnic festivals including Polish, Czech, and German festivals and Oktoberfests, to weddings, anniversary parties, church festivals, state and county fairs and music festivals.  They currently perform close to 100 engagements a year in up to 20 states a year, including an annual Caribbean Cruise taking place in January.


A little more history for you....


Squeezebox began in the late 1990's under a different name, known at that time as the "Bratwurst Boys," which was a part time spin-off band consisting of members of the Grammy Nominated "Toledo Polkamotion."  The band continued to evolve and in 2005, the band was comprised of Ted Lange on accordion/bass and vocals, Dave Burner on drums and vocals, and Ted's mother, Betty Lange, on 2nd accordion.


Mollie Busta added her talents to the Bratwurst Boys for the very first time on December 31, 2005, and it was evident the combination of Ted, Mollie and Dave had something unique and special.  Due to popular demand, the band's number of performances doubled every year, and due to the continual evolution of the band, a decision was made in May of 2007 to change the name of the band to "Squeezebox."


To date, Squeezebox has released 3 CD's and is featured regularly on the Mollie B Polka Party on RFD-TV.  They have performed all over the US to capacity crowds, and as of January 2018, have made over 1000 appearances in 23 states.


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