BRAND NEW!  This special package contains 1 DVD PLUS  (2) Audio CD's of the "Mollie B Christmas Special" taped LIVE at RFD-TV The Theatre in Branson, MO in November 2014.

The Mollie B Christmas Special was performed live in Branson, MO with a cast of 32 musicians, dancers, and singers. The fans who made the trip to Branson are calling this the “Best Christmas Special yet.” The musicians were Ted Lange, Fred Ziwich, Joey Miskulin, Al Piatkowski, Ed Siwiec, John Zelasko, Jeff Heinz, Joey Derus, and Mollie B. The cast of singers, dancers, guest accordion players: Keith Stras as Santa Claus, the Paul Erdman Family, Dan Bizon, Debra Bizon, Emily Bizon, Randy Koslosky, Victoria Koslosky, Chad Busta, Kennedy Busta, “Polka Jack” Dewitt, Alli Dewitt, Philip Bruegen, Presley Brueggen, Bruce & Peggy King, David Armbruster, and Patsy Linehan. Price listed includes shipping.

2014 Mollie B Christmas Special DVD/2 CD pack

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